Slow Mode In Telegram


Slow Mode is a new option which limits how quickly people in a group chat can send messages. Once a group admin enables Slow Mode, members will have to wait a certain amount of time between sending messages. This ranges from 30 seconds to one hour.

Suppose you have a group with a high number of members.If this group has 2,000 members and about 100 users read, chat and send messages at the same time

  • It will be very difficult for everyone to read these messages because new messages do not allow the previous messages to be read
  • Some users send different messages one after the other, which will result in disruption of group order.

That's why the Telegram technical team implemented the ability to delay sending messages in groups so that the group manager can create a time delay between sending each message by each person. Slow Mode is a new option in Telegram that limits the speed of sending messages by people in the chat group.

Enable Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control how frequently members can post.

Enable Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control spam avoid disturbing post.

When an admin enables Slow Mode in a group, you will only be able to send one message per the interval they choose. A timer will show how long you have to wait before sending your next message.

Slow Mode can make conversations in the group more orderly, while raising the value of each individual message. Keep it on permanently, or toggle as necessary to throttle rush hour traffic.

Video 1 : how to change the slow mode in telegram

First, tap the group name or icon at the top of the chat.
Next, tap either "Edit" (iOS) or the pencil icon (Android),
then tap the "Permissions" menu item.
Towards the bottom of the Permissions page,
you'll find the "Slow Mode" slider. Move the slider to the time frame you'd like each member to wait: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes, 15 minutes, or one hour.

how to change the slow mode in telegram
image 1: Slow Mode can be enabled and disabled