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It’s more than two years which we are working in the field of selling Telegram members and Instagram follower and, thanks to God, we always have been among the bests and firsts in Google results. Reaching to this position is not something accidental and it has achieved by quick and precise performance.
Number of offline members don’t decline but real members may find your channel not interesting and leave your channel after a while.
Why not? You would like to grow your business faster without any big budgets on marketing campaigns. Most of our clients sell services through their telegram channel or group because telegram is a very secure message application that allow you communicate to your clients in a safe way.
Telegram shows only 200 members to creator and administrator(s) of channels. So, even if you have 1 million members, you can see only the last 200 members who joined your channel. Therefore, when you buy members for Telegram and your members exceed 200, you can’t see all members anymore.
Until your channel’s members are below 200, Telegram allows administrator(s) to add 35 contacts to channel, daily. But when the members exceed 200, you can’t add anybody to your channel. You can only share content and they should join by themselves.
Anyway, if your channel’s members exceed a particular number, then your channel will gain reliability and other users will join your channel with higher degree of trustfulness.
By increasing members, channel’s members become more but by increasing visits, the number which is written beside the eye in the bottom of posts will increase.
This service only For Group. you can invite your competitor group members to your groups. in the other words We can export any group's users, then invite them to your groups.This service is the best way for Forex,crypto,ICO,Bet groups
Silent member do not have any activity and are simply used to increase the number of channel count , in other words, they are not listener and visitor for your channel posts. Members stable and not drop
eal Member is randomly added from countries of Iran, India, Kora, Iraq and Russia.Unpredictable member behavior. It may be out of the channel or not view your posts.There is definitely a drop in this service